The 任务完成指标 are result of collaboration between faculty, staff, 学生 and administrators to validate the progress made by UAF in mission fulfillment 并帮助识别需要改进的地方.


Indicators marked with an asterisk (*) include data broken down by race, ethnicity, age, gender, socioeconomic 第一代大学生身份 where applicable.


学生是UAF使命的核心. 买足球推荐软件app排名致力于所有人的成功 学生.​

The number of first-time, full-time 学生 seeking baccalaureate degrees that enrolled 连续两个秋季学期. 该厅每年收集这方面的资料 规划、分析 & UA信息系统的机构研究(PAIR) 和Banner SI每年春天的结束语.


The number of enrolled 学生 in one 学年 who did not graduate and returned 在接下来的学年注册UAF. 此信息每年收集一次 由规划分析办公室负责 & 来自UA信息的机构研究(PAIR) 系统和Banner SI每年春天闭幕摘录.


The graduation rate of enrolled 学生 as measured by academic cohort and the following completion time frames: Associate (3 years), Bachelor’s (6 years), Master’s (7 years) 博士(10年).  这些信息每年从规划办公室收集, Analysis and 来自UA信息的机构研究(PAIR) systems and Banner SI结束语.


The average Course Pass Rate based on a representative selection of 10 general education or prerequisite courses with typically high enrollment numbers and pass rates below 70%. 由A、B、C或Pass组成的等级用于度量.  这个信息 is collected annually from the Office 规划、分析 and 制度研究 (PAIR) from the UA Information systems and Banner SI结束语.

Included Courses: Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101X), Introduction to Business (BA 151X), General Chemistry I (CHEM 105X), Intermediate Algebra (MATH 105), Numbers & Society (MATH 113X), College Algebra for Calculus (MATH 151X), Writing & 科学 (WRTG 213X), Fundamentals of Biology (BIOL F115X), The Oceans (MSL 111X*) and Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (COJO 121X*) *Changes to course codes were made after 收集这些数据.



UAF is a Land, Sea and Space Grant university, and research is integral to our identity, 使命和目标.

硕士和博士的数量.D. 由UAF颁发的学位和研究生证书 学年.  按种族、民族、年龄、性别、社会经济地位分类, 第一代大学生身份. 此信息每年收集一次 由规划分析办公室负责 & 来自UA信息的机构研究(PAIR) 系统和Banner SI结束语.


The ratio of the total amount of research expenditures for the year, divided by the full-time equivalent number of faculty who have research expectations in their workloads. 这个信息 每年由规划分析办公室收集 & 机构 研究 (PAIR) from the UA Information Systems 全职员工的班纳人力资源.

The ratio of the total faculty publications for the year, divided by the full-time equivalent number of faculty who have research expectations in their workloads. 收集 annually by the 认证 and Assessment Office through the Scopus for 出版物 全职员工的班纳人力资源.

基准: 1.1-1.每位教员全职教师出版6本出版物

The number and percentage of academic degree programs that require 学生 to complete an undergraduate research and/or scholarly activity project that leads to the formation 或者创造新的信息和/或产品. 由认证和收集 Assessment Office through the Academic Program Review Reports each spring.

基准: To be determined after the completion of the first two-year Academic Program Review 2024年夏天的周期.



UAF's mission includes educating 学生 for active citizenship and preparing them 终身学习和职业生涯. 买足球推荐软件app排名在培养阿拉斯加劳动力方面发挥着关键作用.

The number of graduates in programs designated as high-demand job area degrees, as defined by UA in collaboration with Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. 这个信息 每年由规划分析办公室收集 & 机构 研究 (PAIR) from the UA Information 系统和Banner SI结束语.

Included Areas: teacher education, oil and gas, natural resource development, mining, information technology, hospitality and tourism, health, fisheries and marine science, construction, transportation and aviation, and administration and finance. 


The student completion of courses designated as internship or practicum courses, with a、B、C或及格的成绩. 每年以学年为基础收取. 这个信息 每年由规划分析办公室收集 & 制度研究 (PAIR) from the UA Information 系统和Banner SI每年春天闭幕摘录.


The percentage of UAF graduates who are employed in Alaska within 1 year. 这个信息 每年由规划分析办公室收集 & 制度研究 (PAIR)摘自阿拉斯加州劳工部年度报告.

The percentage of graduates from all degree levels (except PhD) at UAF who enroll 继续接受高等教育,用3年时间完成学位.  这个信息 每年由规划分析办公室收集 & 制度研究 (PAIR) from the UA Information Systems, Banner SI结束语 and the National 学生交流.



UAF is committed to fostering a diverse, respectful and caring community.

Diversity of faculty, staff, and administrator employees, disaggregated by race, ethnicity 性别,包括所有级别的员工.  收集这些信息 by from the Office 规划、分析 and 制度研究 (PAIR) from the UA Information systems and Banner HR per semester and reported annually.

The percentage of respondents (UAF 学生, faculty, staff and administrators) to 高等教育数据共享联盟 多样性和公平校园气候调查 谁说他们对校园气氛满意. 调查是由 by the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability every two years.